NSW Local elections 2021

Randwick Campaign Issues
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We want Randwick to be the most Creative, Beautiful, Sustainable, Smartest, Fittest Most Connected Council area in Sydney!

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These are the changes our Randwick candidates want to make. If you like them then please share them with your friends and other residents.


Transportation & Parks

  • Develop motorcycle and scooter parking hubs and secure parking for foot scooters & bicycles at all Randwick beaches

We want to encourage people to leave their cars at home and make it easier and more secure to come to Randwick’s beaches, while not removing valuable car spaces.

  • Improved public multi-use access to Maroubra/Malabar headlands and rifle range

This is a huge area of land that is currently severely underutilized. We will explore all ways to make it an exercising and relaxing asset for all the people of Randwick.

  • Additional playground, walking tracks, outdoor gym and bbq setup assessments for all council parks

We are spending more time in public places thanks to COVID. All Randwick parks need to be assessed for new or upgraded facilities, covering playgrounds, community barbeques, picnic tables and exercising (park gyms, walking, running and cycling paths)

  • Extend free wifi into all parks in Randwick, not just the beach

It just makes sense. Free wifi in all parks for residents and visitors

  • Complete review of Randwick’s resident parking system

The numbers of visitors to the beach have exploded and won’t diminish anytime soon. The people who live in Randwick should have the priority for parking. We need to extend unlimited resident street parking and make it include all Randwick residents if they’re visiting another corner of the LGA.


Local Development

  • Low and medium rise developments only for Coogee village

The height constraint is 12 metres, let’s keep it that way! Furthermore, any development valued at over $100million in the council area, which automatically means the state government could overrule the council decision, should also have to undertake an independent estimation valuation to confirm the cost of the project has not been inflated. That means you, Coogee Bay Hotel.

  • Citizens Juries trial to make development decisions in the City of Randwick

When given the authority, time, and information, everyday people take the tough questions, side-step party lines, and deliver sensible answers. We want this applied to Randwick for Randwick residents. More info, see www.newdemocracy.com.au

  • Return Coogee Bay Road (beach end) to pedestrians! Re-engineer the parking and make it a permanent one-way set up

By making the car parking diagonal, you can keep the same number of spots and still return the street to the pedestrians. It just makes sense!

  • Complete Kingsford Meeks St junction as a proper town center and event space

This needs to be finished asap – it has been in limbo for years it seems. What to use it for? See below.

  • Canvas resident interest in more community gardens

If people are interested, council should repurpose vacant unused parcels of land to convert into community gardens where residents can grow their own produce.



  • Start a Coogee beach summer outdoor film festival, free for Randwick residents

Classics on the sand every week.

  • Restart the monthly Night Food Markets in Meeks St, Kingsford

A popular event that needs the town square finished so it can begin again.

  • Make it easier for resident bands and other creative groups to access council properties for rehearsals and performances

Council property and facilities are there for the community to use. Council should provide these venues at no or very low cost.

  • Encourage free public performances in our parks and at our beaches all year round

Strengthen and bring more joy to our communities with talented performances and engagement.

  • Yearly public art installations, voted on by residents

Let’s make our public spaces beautiful and functional!


Council Transparency

  • Weekly video updates from the Mayor and General Manager on council activities 

A basic summary reporting requirement, should residents wish to know what is going on. 10 minutes max is all we need.

  • All council meetings streamed and recorded for future reference

Again basic governance for our elected councillors. Residents need to have easier access to, and better engagement with council processes.

  • Annual breakdown of where ratepayers money was spent sent to all residents

A simple enough calculation, similar to what we get from the ATO/Federal government. We want to see where our rates actually go.

  • Additional funding support for animal management in the LGA

We need to make sure we manage strays and abandoned animals in a compassionate manner, including neutering stray cats and dogs and finding loving homes and protection wherever possible. This means more funding for shelters and other groups run by residents for the benefit of these animals. It also means actively managing pest animals to stop the spread of disease and welcome Australian birds in particular back into the LGA.