Australian Music
September 18, 2017

Supporting Australian Venues & Live Performance

The Issue

Supporting venues and the basic cultural infrastructure of Australia is essential. The local theatres, music halls, studios and other venues that offer a stage and space for performers and audiences to meet are critical. Additionally, in a country as large as Australia, it is essential that we encourage touring and other ways to reach Australians everywhere.

The Solution?

  • We propose the establishment of a National Ensemble of Theatre Actors (NETA). NETA would comprise, to begin, of one hundred actors and one hundred crew from around the country, on full-time contracts, applying their skills across all tiers of the theatre industry. When NETA actors are cast by companies in a given project, the producer of that work would be relieved of the budgeting responsibility for the employment of that actor. All NETA actors would have an obligation to work outside of the existing AMPAG network of companies for a portion of each year.
  • Double the number of companies with National Touring Status and additional funding of $50m pa to assist commercial producers to undertake tours throughout regional Australia.
  • Trial new digital initiatives to present live performance streamed online across Australia and via regular cinema sessions.
  • Create a register of Independent Australian Cultural Venues based on charging for entry, to access Australian cultural content at least 50% of the days in the calendar year. These venues would then have access to Demand over Supply funding and other opportunities, via the Australia Council, to encourage new Australian works and audiences and support them in providing the infrastructure to make that happen. We would also encourage simplified alcohol licensing options for these venues. This register would include but not be limited to cinemas, theatres, music venues and other performance spaces across the country.
  • Apply the APRA-researched tax incentives to all cultural venues as defined above in Australia.
  • Provide tax incentives on pre-production costs for theatrical productions.
  • An additional $40m pa made available to support International Touring of Australian Productions, provided the company in question already has National Touring Status.
  • The creation of a National Arts Week, a 7 day opportunity to highlight, celebrate, participate in and experience the Arts in every form, by as many Australians as possible across the country. Significant funding would be made available for regional hubs across the country to organise events throughout the week.
  • Double the funding and expand the eligibility criteria of Playing Australia to encourage more regional touring throughout the year for performances of every type, visiting a minimum of 10 locations in rural Australia. More information here.

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