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Venues & Live Performance
September 19, 2017
A Proper Education System
September 18, 2017

Supporting the Music Industry

The Issue

Live music and music creation, dancing, venues, music festivals – these are key ways we express ourselves, come together, build reconciliation, confidence and community. Encouraging the music industry is key to the purpose of the Arts Party.

The Solution?

  • We want to see music education, expressed through singing, dancing and instrument use, and also visual/media arts instruction, as mandatory in the education of every primary school child. Close to 70% of state primary school children in Australia currently do not have access to a decent music education, a shocking situation.
  • Music must be a key building block in developing the minds of all Australians from the very beginning of their studies. STEAM bests STEM.
  • We fully support the APRA Tax Offset, aimed at supporting the Australian Music Industry, primarily Artists, Venues and Sound Recording facilities. Details can be found here. This concept promises to boost venues, audiences, live music performance and income for all. Tax offsets generate additional spending in the economy, which results in additional tax revenue for the government.
  • We want the current R&D Tax Incentive expanded to include artistic and creative practice and activity, across all areas of the arts and creative industries, that are creating new works, exploring innovative new approaches and new ways to connect with and build Australian audience engagement. It means expanding R&D into our community-building, creative and cultural lives. This has positive ramifications for virtually all our creative industries and performing arts. Specific guidelines would need to be developed to validate works and projects that fulfil the above criteria, however the music industry is a sector that would clearly benefit.
  • We support new approaches by local councils to development controls, building code requirements for noise abatement and liquor licensing rules, to help encourage more community-friendly live music venues.
  • We support creating a charter for musicians at venues where performances are being held that guarantees fair treatment and equipment security rights.
  • We want to make it cheaper and easier to book public spaces for musical performance and do more to activate our public land.
  • We advocate creating an agency to simplify obtaining Public Liability insurance for live music groups (up to a 5 piece band) with a low fixed cost of $50 a day.
  • We also believe the lockout laws currently in force in Sydney are a blunt instrument that is doing serious damage to the local live music scene. While we would like them cancelled, at a minimum small venues(<250 patrons) hosting live music should be exempt from these damaging laws

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