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Subsidise TV Audio Description & Captioning
April 28, 2017
Create $250m Broadcast Production Fund
April 28, 2017

Protecting The Australian Film & Television Industry

The Issue

The current position of investment in the Arts, Cultural and Heritage sectors of Australia is completely untenable. We want a profound shift in their treatment. It is a critical part of the innovative future we must foster to be competitive. Opportunity, Accessibility, Participation and Engagement in Arts and Culture must be the priority for Australians everywhere.

The Solution?

  • Australian stories must appear on Australian screens. Existing and new players like Netflix, YouTube, Stan, ISPs and Telcos must have obligations to create original local programs.
  • Retain existing quotas for genre production in Australia.
  • The reversal of the funding cuts imposed on the ABC since the 2013 budget and a programming fund of $250 million a year created, to support new ABC and SBS programming, from drama to children’s TV.
  • The return of all Screen Australia funding removed since the 2013 budget.
  • The efficiency dividend suspended for both the ABC, SBS and Screen Australia for the next 5 years.
  • No merging of the ABC and SBS. It will only result in less diversity for us all.
  • All TV channels in Australia be subsidised by 80% to provide audio description and captioning of both their free-to-air and internet platforms.
  • Returned financial support for the Screen Network organisations (Open Channel (Melbourne), Metro Screen (Sydney), MRC (Adelaide), FTI (Perth), Wide-angle (Hobart)).
  • The return of digital bandwidth allocations to Community TV stations across the country and station recreation where necessary (e.g. TVS).
  • Guarantee of digital bandwidth rights for community radio across Australia, the return of lost 2015 funding and an additional $10m investment to be spent on the Digital Transition and the National Training Program.
  • Greater support for the Australian Producer Offset and expansion of its use to include all areas of the Screen Industry (Film, Television, Games Development, Platform Independant Digital / Online Endeavours etc.)
  • A Federal commitment to funding the production and maintenance of children’s programs across all platforms.
  • Increased legal protection of Australian Intellectual Property Protection of the cultural sectors from the scope of any free trade negotiations and continued support of the Location and PDV offsets.
  • The creation of a National Australian Film Day to celebrate Australia through Australian Film. We want our great stories to be enjoyed by Australians everywhere, in cinemas, parks, clubs, schools, you name it!
  • The creation of a ‘Screen Breakers’ ultra-low budget film fund, managed by Screen Australia – investing $20m of up to $150,000 in each project it supports, chosen through a crowdfunding mechanism, voted on by the Australian people. Funded productions would be made available to all
  • Australians through an iview-style web streaming.


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