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September 18, 2017
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September 18, 2017

Turbocharging Australian Education

The Issue

Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the World
Nelson Mandela

We want quality, affordable and lifelong learning opportunities for all Australians. Education improves us as individuals, and in turn strengthens us as a people. It is the ultimate WIN-WIN.

‘Education is not the learning of facts, but training the mind to think’
Albert Einstein

The Solution?

  • We believes that every high school student in Australia should, at a minimum, be able to attend dance, drama, media arts, music or visual arts classes taught at least weekly by a trained teacher as part of their curriculum. We endorse the Australian Arts Curriculum and call for it to be implemented immediately. The curriculum outline can be accessed here.
  • We endorse all the findings of the Gonski report into primary schools and fully supports its complete implementation. The Commonwealth government should provide increased capital funding to all schools, government and non-government, and there should be a greater monitoring and reporting on school infrastructure in all sectors and states. http://www.igiveagonski.com.au/whats_gonski
  • We call for for music, visual and media art to become mandatory in all primary schools. We also want Australian secondary schools to also offer access to all three, as well as drama and dance, taught at least once a week by a trained teacher.
  • The placement of artists-in-residence in primary and secondary schools across the country, through expanding the existing chaplains program, to integrate creative practice in our communities and offer educational value.
  • In order to encourage more individuals to partake in higher education, and lifelong learning in order to gain qualifications, we propose that HECS payment rates should be halved and not linked to inflation.
  • A 75% subsidy on enrolment fees for retirees wishing to undertake additional higher education study in Australia.
  • The pursuit of knowledge alone should not incur a cost and must be made possible by continued development of MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses) by universities and learning facilities across Australia. We would want an additional fund created and funded with $50m pa to encourage the creation and promotion of these course to all Australians.
  • Pay parity for all Australian teaching staff in Australian public primary and high schools based on existing best state level wage, with an immediate 7% pay increase.
  • We want funding for a 10 year research plan to completely restructure the National Curriculum. Ultimately the entire way we are taught needs to be addressed. School education should prepare us for adult life, not just in being ’employable’, but also to make us good citizens that understand ourselves and others far better. Ethics is essential and practical skills around money should be integral to the mathematical elements of the curriculum. Creative lateral skills should be integrated throughout the curriculum. We need to better prepare the generation for the worklife challenges ahead.

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