NSW Local elections 2021

Council Candidates

Lisa Walpole – Randwick – North Ward

Why I’m Standing

Lisa Walpole is a community activist whose lobby efforts have led to better outcomes in local developments. Her organising actions ultimately brought about the closing of some loopholes and exploitations of the affordable housing SEPP.  She is a powerhouse operative for Urban kittens – cat and kitten rescue – which has fostered and found ‘forever’ homes for hundreds of stray cats saved from uncertain fates on the streets or in council pounds.

Lisa has a background in the Arts as a dance performer.  After gaining a degree and a diploma has gone on to become an accomplished costume designer.  She has a thriving local business with Costume Designer credits on successful feature films, TV shows and advertising. She has been nominated for awards for her creations in film, stage, events and theatre.

“ I want the Arts community to thrive. I also want to save animals, drink wine and watch the sunset without the entire view being blocked out by over development.”