NSW Local elections 2021

Council Candidates

Kim Reddin – Randwick – East Ward

Why I’m Standing

Kim Reddin has lived in the Randwick LGA for over 30 years. Kim has spoken at Council against sun-blocking over developments, poor parking provisions and rorting of the Affordable Housing SEPP. 

Previously as a Vision Director live-streaming hundreds of hours of both houses of NSW Parliament, Kim had a front-row seat to the machinations of political power and the importance of honest and concise messaging. 

In terms of the Arts, Kim is an accomplished filmmaker, writer, director & producer – who has employed hundreds of crew members, performers and actors as part of his creative output on documentaries, short films, tv segments, corporate and commercials in a range of industries.

“We stand for people-centred development, real inclusive community and anything which can help any sector of the arts. This town is shaping into a casino, dog track, pokey machine and racecourse ‘audience delivery system.’ The lack of creativity and imagination at work in decision making at the highest levels is an ongoing concern. “

We ask – Where are the next artist’s residence sponsorships, the new sculptures, the rehearsal spaces and community theatre plans? 

Where are the new amphitheatres for live music and streamlined protocols to encourage people to put on outdoor shows, events and entertainment? 

But that is just the beginning.

The steps to a long term sustained recovery are going to come about via creative solutions.

Artistry and creativity are business words. But the people employed by their creative skills often have no consistent representation at the tables where the decisions are made. If you are not invited to the banquette you do not get to share the feast. You just get the crumbs. It could be time to flip the chairs and turn the tables. 

According to the ABS, The Arts as an employer is bigger than finance, accommodation and coal mining. It is a nearly 15 billion dollar sector employing 193 thousand people. 

The Arts are not just a sidebar to the Australian economy. If The Arts received similar levels of support other sectors are given – The Arts could quickly be the lead story of the recovery of the Australian economy and a thriving industry for the following decades.  

If you watch movies or tv, listen to music, read or see live performances – frankly, you are already a direct supporter of The Arts. But a lot of what you see is just surplus dumped on our local market by foreign monopolies. We need to make it easier for our Artisans and Creatives to take care of business.

Voting number 1 for the Arts Party is a way to make your vote work for you and the things you enjoy. 

Sustained recovery will only come about from new and fresh creative solutions.

“If the Arts community is in bad shape – the entire community is. Change has to start again now from grassroots up. There is no better place to kick off the turnaround than Randwick Council. Your vote for The Arts Party will help make a real difference.”