NSW Local elections 2021

Council Candidates

Sam Greenup – Randwick – East Ward

Why I’m Standing

Having lived in the Coogee-Randwick area all my life, I find that our region has limited communal culture tied to the arts. I want our area to be happy, connected and rich in cultural life. I’m running for council this year because I think that the arts party can achieve this, and I believe it important to have a young queer voice around to help make big decisions for our locale. The arts aren’t often the greatest priority, not getting the recognition or funding they deserve- considering how much it contributes to the lives of all. Everyone loves the arts- whether that’s going to the cinema or watching Netflix at home. I want to bring arts to the foreground where it belongs! I want to bring the arts into the public eye and allow our community to share these moments that we all love.


Things I Want To Change In Randwick

Creative Space For All
I believe that all folks in the area should have access to creative spaces by giving local bands and other creative groups places to rehearse and encouraging performance, not just in holiday season, but throughout the whole year! Why should the world only feel the joy in December?

An Open Book
The council is for the people, so why shouldn’t the people know what’s going on in the council? I want our local government to be honest with the folk of the Randwick region by being open about where your money is going and what decisions are being made.