NSW Local elections 2021

Council Candidates

Jim Sfinas – Randwick – East Ward

Why I’m Standing

I’ve lived in the area for 26 years and have seen some developments with little consideration for better integration with the external environment. With more developments and denser population, the mental and physical health of citizens will be impacted by the outdoor aesthetics and access to appropriate amenities and green spaces. The recent (and continued) lockdowns have only reinforced how valued outdoor recreational areas have become. Randwick LGA is blessed with a spectacular environment. I would love to see it maintained and improved and would like our councilors to deliver greater awareness to the public of the value in well-designed outdoor and greener spaces – this will ensure locals have a voice in the review and consultation phases of development applications, with a positive influence and benefit for the community.

Things I Want To Change In Randwick

With a need for more sustainable living, I would like to see unused, vacant public land (or even land on large scale residential developments) converted into community gardens. In addition to providing an environmental benefit, it would educate the public in self-sufficiency and sustainability and encourage greater community participation.

Better Amenities For Elderly & Disabled
Approximately 15% of the Randwick LGA is over 65 years old. I would like to see an increase and improvement of amenities for the elderly and disabled so they can have greater participation and enjoyment of events and outdoor recreation areas.