We have released our Report Card, analysing the current positions of the parties standing candidates, based on the issues we are most interested in. You can download a full size version of it here or link to it on our facebook page.

Some observations:

  • To qualify for ‘Excellent’ a party had to have representation by 45% or more female candidates. The Arts Party believes our parliaments should ideally reflect our society in sexual demographics.
  • Grey areas mean there is no policy existing (even a negative policy) for that subject. A worryingly large amount of grey is visible. 🙁
  • Some single issue parties, like the Voluntary Euthanasia Party, obviously scored poorly on our analysis, but that should not be surprising and should not stop you giving support to issues that matter to you.
  • We strongly recommend supporting the small parties you like with your 1st, 2nd and 3rd preferences and follow on with the big parties in your preferred order – there is no point doing it the other way round.
  • We will be standing our own candidates at the next NSW State Elections!

Party Policy Links: