Small to medium sector artists in NSW anxiously awaited Round 2 grant application results in April. Nothing. For months. They complained, despaired and now, en masse, are protesting not just the intolerable, art-wrecking delay but also the cruelly meagre 2.7% success rate outcome — six successful projects from 222 applications.

60 arts bodies rose up, led by NAVA (National Association for the Visual Arts) with a 24 July media release, NSW arts industry calls for ambitious investment following poorest funding round in history, from Executive Director Esther Anatolitis eloquently and comprehensively addressing the issues, supported with alarming statistics.

Given the grant outcomes, the Create NSW Assessment Meeting Report reads like a bad joke. Its panels were “impressed with the amount of high quality applications coming through in this round.” It observed that “[performing] artists either do not pay themselves appropriately, or the support networks available to artists do not have the capacity to include fees as part of the benefits that they achieve for their artists.” And, “the visual arts, literature and museums panel would encourage more experimental/creative applications and encourages applicants to take more artistic risk.”

NSW arts-funding: disgrace & disrespect    

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