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Walter Holdt and Lavinia Schulz met and began performing in Hamburg, German in 1919. The following year they would marry. They devoted their lives to the expressionist art in their dance routines and wish to remove themselves from any other type of dancing.
The couple became obsessed with the archaic Aryan-Nordic identity, free of Jewish-Christian contamination. According to a friend of theirs, H. H. Stuckenschmidt, Schulz craved hardship: “Poverty, hunger, cold, Nordic landscape with snow, ice, and catastrophes: that was her world, and with Holdt she found it”.
For years they tried to make their shows and artistic costumes work, but struggled mightily to get continued work. Poor, hungry, and jobless often, their costumes became their life, as they worked on them all the time. Then, in 1923, the pair had a child.
In 1924, the extremely jealous Lavinia Schulz, fearing he may run off on her as their struggles continued, shot her husband Walter Holdt. She then turned the gun on herself. They both were found dead in their apartment, with their baby in between them but alive. It is unknown what happened to the child.
Here is the couple themselves. The costumes were found and given to a Hamburg museum for storage. They were completely ignored until 1986. A project began when they were found lasting nearly 20 years to restore the costumes and re-imagine Walter Holdt and Lavinia Schulz and their dance routine with these costumes. This video is what became of that effort. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOBHyZgR7X4
Here are the costumes today, restored and showing off the colors they used. They are on display at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe feiert expressionistischen Maskentanz in Hamburg, Germany.