We’ve just received a shamelessly political budget, promising more money back in everybody’s pocket. However it seems possible that much of the budget won’t get through the senate, for a variety of reasons. But what is evident is the government, and the opposition, are battling it out for the title of The Party of Lower Taxes. Perhaps there’s a federal election coming sooner than we think!


  • $140m for foreign film production over here
  • No change to Screen Producers 40% offset
  • $14.6m increase to SBS (though they lost $50m in the last 3 years)
  • Cheaper beer
  • More earning options for pensioners
  • Forcing tech giants to pay more tax
  • Australian Space Agency!


  • ABC funding cut by $84m!
  • Not a mention of arts and culture anywhere (receiving only 0.26% of budget!)
  • Tax breaks for the richest in society (including all federal politicians)
  • Further tax cuts for massive corporations
  • No new support for domestic film production
  • No changes to the annual R&D funding system for the creative industries

Interested in understanding more?
Superb interactive breakdown by the ABC


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