We’re very pleased to announce a new team to lead the Arts Party in 2018/19. All were elected unanimously at the AGM last monday, following the adoption of a new constitution, which gives them full powers to create the future of this national movement. Here is our new leadership team:

  • Leader – Barry Keldoulis
  • Secretary – PJ Collins
  • Treasurer – Pamela Aitken
  • Policy Officer – Carol-Anne Croker
  • Publicity Officer -Selina Kucks
  • Technical Officer – Steve Doig
  • Victorian Committee Contact  – Malcolm Thomson
  • Social Media Lead – Dan Craig
  • Ordinary Member – Sue Davidson
  • Social Media Officer – Kylie Macey
  • Social Media Officer – Emily Winter

There’s lots of setup and planning going on right now, with the first committee meeting scheduled for next week, so bear with us as we get organised. One thing’s definite though – we’re all very excited about the year ahead – bring it on!