Yes we’re celebrating TV. There’re so many screens in our lives now that you can actually be nostalgic about when the TV was the only one! A few thoughts on why we celebrate..

  • Television: a cornerstone of democracy and a pillar of freedom of expression and cultural diversity. It nurtures education, continually invites people to explore beyond their living rooms and arouses curiosity.
  • It is a wonderful ambassador for the entertainment industry: not only does it help reveal fresh talent and discover new music, it also stimulates and kindles our musical heritage while encouraging the fusion of styles and artists.
  • Finally, television cultivates generosity and care, underpinning many charitable organisations’ fundraising events. Sports events’ broadcasts inspire people to go beyond their personal limits and gather billions of viewers around sound and positive values. By offering quality entertainment, television provides an avenue of dreams and wonder to households around the world.

The boob tube can be our friend!!

The NFSA have collected a lot of Australian TV clips over the years, have an explore: