Our Principles

The Arts Party was founded on non-negotiable principles that inform all our policies and positions.

We believe every Australian has the right to enjoy and participate in the Arts, in all of its forms. They inspire, enlighten, inform, educate and unite us in shared experiences.

We believe every Australian should have access to lifelong, affordable, quality education.    

We believe culture, creativity and people thrive in happy, resilient and tolerant communities.    


  • We are proudly Multicultural and promote tolerance, inclusion and diversity, just as the Arts do.
  • Access to Universal Health Care is an essential right for Australians.
  • Sustainability must be central to everything we do. We must protect and preserve our natural environment for future generations.
  • We Are International. As an advanced, creative, innovative, wealthy country, Australia has a responsibility to lead social, intellectual, economic and environmental progress around the world.
  • Science and Engineering, like the Arts, are driven by human curiosity and creativity. We must embrace the future and create positive outcomes  from our ever advancing technology.
Our fundamental belief is that EVERY Australian should be given the opportunity to be the best version of themselves they can be. It's why we pay our taxes.
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