Constitution – The Arts Party

Party Constitution

The constitution of The Arts Party (Australia), as registered with the Australian Electoral Commission, can be downloaded here:

The Arts Party Constitution (AEC Registration)


The arts form an integral part of our society. The arts create a language that cuts across social, economic, cultural, racial and economic barriers - and helps people from different sides of these divisions to come together and share their humanity in a way that would otherwise not be possible.

Considering the value that artistic pursuits bring to our society, the arts are surprisingly underrepresented in australian politics.

The Arts Party exists to address this imbalance.
The future of Australia will be decided by the quality of our ideas.
Music, the performing arts, film, television, radio, advertising, games and interactive content, writing, publishing, architecture, design, and the visual arts - all of them have the potential to create economic wealth, cultural depth and jobs - all of them enrich the lives of those who are practitioners or the arts, those who are consumers of the arts and the lives of all Australians

The Arts Party aims to maximise the opportunities for self-expression that the arts bring to practitioners by designing and fighting for policies that encourage the growth of the artistic industries within Australia.

The Arts Party aims to enrich the lives of those people who wish to enjoy Australian artistic output, by designing and fighting for policies that encourage growth in Australian-made content, and policies that encourage quality and excellence in all artistic and creative works, produced by Australians for Australians.

The Arts Party aims to improve the lives of all Australians by generating wealth through the expansion of the artistic industries. It aims to increase the quality of life of all Australians by supporting greater access to better Australian entertainment and broader access to high-quality Australian artistic product.

Australia's ability to compete in industry, in business and in commerce is contained in our ability to come up with innovative solutions, and implement them in creative ways. Finding and implementing creative solutions doesn't happen accidentally.

An education system that encourages broad thinking, creative approaches to problem solving and fosters the ability of all students to access those parts of them that will help discover and develop the best ideas, is essential in Australia's pursuit to stay profitable, competitive and innovative in a globalised market. The Arts Party aims to develop the opportunity for these outcomes to be realised in schools, universities, tafes and all other training institutions across Australia.

The Arts Party exists to find, foster and encourage the open, inclusive and innovative culture that the arts tend to generate. We believe this is an integral part of Australia's ability to grow and compete in the modern world - and maintain Australia's position in the world as one of the most prosperous, enjoyable and exciting places to live.