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About Us


Australian politics is not well. Here's the cure.

  • We’re a positive, collaborative party, looking for win-win solutions, inspired by the arts.
  • Our mission is to work with all sides of politics to encourage a more cultural, creative, educated and enjoyable life for every Australian
  • We will promote creative, scientific and evidence based ideas that improve the lives of as many people as possible, in both state and federal parliaments.
  • We do no preference deals with other parties, but welcome their preferences!
  • We offer all our policies freely for adoption by all other parties.

Some Background

  • Crowdfunded into existence in 2014
  • 23 federal candidates have stood do far
  • Well over 10% of all Australians voted for us between 1-6 in the senate in 2016. 1.5m+ votes!
  • Currently registered in Australia federally, NSW (local elections) and in the UK
  • Our positions are based on principles, not ideology. Our values are central to how we conduct ourselves and completely non-negotiable.
  • Australia’s first non-political political party!
We receive no grants or financial support other than through donations and member subscriptions. If you would like to support us, please consider joining or making a donation here.