About - The Arts Party

About Us

You've found the fresh voice Australian democracy needs!

We are a positive movement inspired by arts thinking and action, dedicated to:

  • Supporting a more creative, cultural, healthy and educated life for us all.
  • Building resilient, empowered communities across the country.
  • Promoting creative, scientific and evidence based ideas that improve the quality of life for as many people as possible. That, of course, includes the environment.
  • Working with all other political parties to make positive change.
We see Australians as the greatest resource this country has.

We believe the number 1 priority for all Oz politicians, parties and governments should be to help every Australian to be the best version of themselves they can be. It's why we pay taxes!

Why The Arts?

The Arts are the most accessible form of creativity we have. The Arts inspire, inform, entertain and challenge us, to look at our world in different ways, to reassess our positions, to empathise and connect with others. The Arts are inclusive and potent in shared emotional experiences, in teaching the value of acceptance and tolerance.

The Arts channel the very best of us, built on curiosity, imagination and cooperation. What better foundation for a voice dedicated to helping define the future of a nation.

We stand for all Australians and apply all the positive qualities of Arts, creative and community thinking into a political platform for change - we are a new positive voice in Australian democracy.

What have we achieved already?

  • Crowdfunded into existence in 2014. Previously a Federal party. Now registered in NSW, Australia.
  • 24 Australian federal candidates have stood for our vision of the future
  • Well over 10% of all Australians voted for us between 1-6 in the senate in 2016 alone. 2m+ votes in total!
  • Our policies have been adopted by the Green and a number of other political parties.
  • Australia’s best party!
We receive no grants or financial support other than through donations. If you would like to support us, please consider making a donation: