The Arts Party – Arts Thinking. Creative Action. Political Change.

Sick of Australian Federal Politics?
Of course you are, it's a joke.

It's time we got some new positive voices into our parliaments. Real people, not career politicians.

We're inspired to improve the future of all Australians by introducing voices for arts, community and culture into our democracy.

You can help us do that.

The Arts are the most accessible form of creativity we have. We make an art of everything we do as human beings, when we do it well. By applying the creative, win-win headspace of the Arts into our politics and communal lives, by encouraging and sharing that creativity, it enriches us as both individuals and as a society.

As we look to the future, the Arts are fundamental to economic growth and resilient happy communities. They're essential for a complete rounded education, developing all the key skills we need for the future - teamwork, creative leadership and lateral thinking, developing curiosity, imagination and cooperation.

We channel Arts thinking into the platform and policies of this party, based on helping each of us achieve our potential. When we do that and work together, we all win!

We believe the fundamental purpose of government is to improve all our lives more


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