Arts Thinking. Creative Action. Political Change.

The Arts are the most accessible form of creativity we have. We make an art of everything we do as human beings, when we do it well. By applying the creative, win-win headspace of the Arts into our politics and communal lives, by encouraging and sharing that creativity, it enriches us as both individuals and as a society.

As we look to the future, the Arts are fundamental to economic growth and resilient happy communities. They're essential for a complete rounded education, developing all the key skills we need for the future - teamwork, creative leadership and lateral thinking, developing curiosity, imagination and cooperation.

We channel Arts thinking into the platform and policies of this party, based on helping each of us achieve our potential. When we do that and work together, we all win!

We believe the fundamental purpose of government is to improve all our lives more

What We Stand For

Artistic and Cultural activity has so many forms, be that music, films, books, dance - just to start! They enrich our lives, entertain & inform us. They share new ideas, perspectives and ways of thinking. They heighten our experience when we enjoy them together.

As creators too, we should all have the opportunity to harness our creativity, develop and share it, be inspired and inspire others with it. Art is for everyone! We make an art of everything we do, when we do it well.
There's no better investment in the future of this country and for each one of us than lifelong, affordable, quality education.

If we're to create the future we aspire to, for ourselves and our children, we need to be prepared and that starts in school. We also need the Arts as central in the curriculum.

Education is fundamental to our future progress and development as individuals and a community.
Humans are naturally social. We have always and will always live in communities.

The more tolerant, connected, progressive and supportive our communities are, the happier, more productive the quality of individuals we'll produce.

We're all in this together, so let's celebrate our diversity, move forward on real equality and realise our differences are tiny, compared to our many similarities.

What We've Already Achieved

  • We crowdfunded in 2016 to stand 21 candidates for the 2016 Federal Election.
  • Our senate candidates received over 1.5 million preference votes between 1-6
  • We ranking 26th out of 56 parties in the first preference senate results.
  • All 7 lower house candidates came 4th in their seats, after Labor, Liberal and the Greens.

Well over 10% of all Australians voted for us between 1-6 for the senate.

It's time to get candidates elected!

A Positive New Voice In Our Democracy!


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