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The Arts Party is a political movement, inspired by Arts thinking and action, to encourage a more creative, communal and educated life for us all. We believe Australia's greatest resource is Australians themselves. Investing in minds, not mines, in collaborative politics and evidence-based solutions. Now there's a plan for the future!
Why the Arts and what have we already achieved? Read more here.

We've collected over 2 million votes between 1-6 in federal elections and by-elections since we started in 2012, yet we're still without any representatives elected. In 2019, we’ve pivoted our approach.

We are not standing any further candidates in federal elections until we have created the grassroots state party structure we need first. We’re now placing state parties at the centre of our plans to change the future of Australia.

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State parties, as independent entities, with their own registered roles and committees, will decide how to order their own finances once registered. As a result we have cancelled all paid federal subscription memberships. The future of the Arts Party movement is as a federation of state parties.

All memberships collected on this site will be used to register state-based parties as and when enough members are received. At that point members in that state will be contacted and given the opportunity to step into state leadership roles and forming the new party. Currently we have one state party (NSW), registered for local elections in 2021.

Below are of current membership levels broken down by state, with minimum registration targets:

State Current Members Minimum Registration Target
ACT 66 100
NSW 809 750
NT 13 100
QLD 779 500
SA 111 100
TAS 130 100
VIC 346 500
WA 70 100
N.B. Realistically we will need at least 100 members over the minimum in order to register - all members submitted must be on the electoral roll at the address they supply in that state to be accepted.

So please join us on the journey to improve all our futures!

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